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Paint Strokes

Christopher Reeves

Mr. Reeves is an author, educator, and president emeritus of Shiloh University. He has a
passion for what education can be, based on biblical-relational principles. So, in addition to
writing and consulting work, he has been collaborating on a project to assist teachers and
parents in creating rich and healthy learning environments for children and young adults.

Relevant Experience

30 years’ experience in teaching and training in higher education and church administration.

15 years of Christian higher education leadership and curriculum development.

12 years’ engagement with the Distance Education Accrediting Commission as a member, evaluator, and commissioner.

Over 30 years’ experience as a church elder, teacher, and administrative pastor.

Additional experience in school formation and higher education consulting.

Founder and President Emeritus of Shiloh University.

Relevant Education

BA in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University

MEd in Curriculum Design from Western Governors University

Immersive studies in education theory and the Jewish foundations of Christianity

Creative Works Authored

Accounting: A Manual for Stewardship

(Living Word Publications, 1990-2011)

An Introduction to Education in Bible Times: From Creation through the Early Church
(Burkhart Books, 2019)

Our Father, Our Teacher: A Relational Journey

(Wipf & Stock, 2022)

The Parent-Teacher: Love and Leading in Learning

(Kindle Direct Publishing, 2023)

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