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Who We Are

Shiloh Learning follows the biblical mandate of Malachi 4:5-6, turning the
hearts of parents to their children and children to their parents.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Shiloh Learning is to serve parents as well as church leaders with resources toward a restored biblical pattern of educating children.


Shiloh Learning

Studies show that many parents and church leaders feel ill-equipped in their role as educators. In addition, families today are facing challenges of great complexity both philosophically and morally. Our resources are unique in that they equip parents as teachers, walking in their God-given identity with tools to cultivate learning environments for their children who will grow strong in their faith, excel in learning, and become innovative leaders and reformers.


Organizational History

Shiloh Learning was formed through an informal collaboration of educators who have a long-standing passion for bringing reformation to the realm of education. One of the outcomes of this collaboration was the launching of Shiloh Learning to fill a specific
reformational need with the goal of affecting a great impact on this and future generations. With our over fifty years of collective strengths in teaching and learning (both K-12 and college), and with our relational and biblical foundations, the strategic decision was made to focus our attention and resources on equipping parents, and helping churches support parents, in their God-designed role as teachers of their children.

Meet the Team

Spearheading Shiloh Learning are Christopher Reeves and Mark Glenn.

Mr. Reeves and Dr. Glenn have over 50 years collective experience in church leadership, pastoral care, Christian education leadership, curriculum development, teaching and mentoring, accreditation, and special needs advocacy. Please see our bios below.

Christopher Reeves

Mr. Reeves is an author, educator, and president emeritus of Shiloh University. He has a passion for what education can be, based on biblical-relational principles. So, in addition to writing and consulting work, he has been collaborating on a project to assist parents in creating rich and healthy learning environments for children and young adults.

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Dr. Mark Glenn

Dr. Glenn is an educator, special needs advocate, K-12 school consultant, pastor and missionary, higher education administrator, and mentor. He has a passion for equipping the next generation of leaders who can teach and impart to others.

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