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Opportunities to Learn

In my time in higher education leadership, I have seen the development of programs that are available and inclusive for many who would not otherwise have opportunities. Amazing work has been done in this area. Alternative forms of teaching and training have emerged “disrupting” what has been the norm for many years. The diversity of mission and purpose for educational institutions focus their efforts to serve a variety of needs for diverse populations and individuals.

In Christian education there are many programs and courses now available which are designed to equip students in their calling from God. Basic discipleship programs and resource materials are available to assist churches and individuals in their spiritual growth and outreach. Families and churches are growing as communities of learning and discipleship. Many are becoming an atmosphere of equipping and encouragement for young and old to pursue God’s calling through available education, mentoring, and doing.

We are all called to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. So God, as our Father, provides opportunities for us to learn and to employ what we learn for the benefit of others. It is our responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities, however great or humble they may be. It is also our responsibility to work with Him in providing these learning opportunities for others.

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