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Parents and the Feast of Purim

Why do the Scriptures tell us to guard our hearts with all diligence? Because even a little defilement from the world can cause issues within our lives and relationships. Jesus taught that a little leaven will leaven the whole of a person, family, or community. The things that are in our hearts are communicable to others, whether it is the blessing of the Lord or the oppressions that come from sin. Yet in all this, Jesus is our faithful High Priest who understands our weakness, whose blood washes us clean, and who helps us to overcome in times of need.


Why do the scriptures also tell us to diligently teach our children? The attention required can seem daunting. However, there is so much vying to influence their hearts and minds. There are so many ways that our enemy seeks to insert a little bit of leaven that would shift the focus of their hearts from a sincere devotion to Christ.


This week the Jewish people celebrate the feast of Purim. They celebrate the saving of their people and culture from extinction through the bravery of Esther and Mordechai. According to the story, an evil influence, Haman, rose to power within the Persian kingdom. He hated the Jewish people and sought for their annihilation. He influenced the king of Persia to institute a set of laws that would cause the Jewish people, because of their faith in God, to become outlaws and subject to death.


Esther risked her own life to plead with the king for the deliverance of her people, exposing the evil behind Haman’s actions. The subtle leaven of malice and wickedness that had crept in to the governmental structures of Persia was eliminated. Ultimately, Haman was removed, and he was destroyed instead of the Jewish people.


Today, many brave parents are pushing back on the evil influences that have been targeting their children. Like Mordechai and Esther, they are looking to the Lord to equip their families to refuse the leaven of wickedness. They are seeking the Lord to remove the influences that have crept into areas of media, community, education, and government—targeting their children.  With diligence, they are strengthening themselves in the Lord to be the ones who teach and influence their children—to see a generation who will arise strong in the Lord, fully equipped to do His will.


For parents, “May your love grow stronger, even when evil abounds. May you be strengthened in the Lord, and through love and faith persist in the teaching of your children—helping them walk resiliently with the God who loves them and to turn away from the subtle influences that are set to destroy them. Like Esther and Mordechai, arise to protect your family and see them thrive.”

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